getthumbnail.jpgRENO, Nev.  —The Global War on Terror is an ongoing and ever-changing battle that demands its combatants fight from the streets of cities to the deserts and farmlands of the countryside. In these battles, our forces must be equipped with a range of skills that are adaptable and effective in all the places they may find the enemy. To that end, Marines and Sailors with the 2d Marine Special Operations Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command conducted marksmanship training, April 7, at the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility here in preparation for the direct action package.

MSOB members who participated in the exercise were in Nevada as part of their Marine Special Operations Companies’ Deployment for Training (DFT). The DFT is a team-building exercise designed to ensure the MSOC grows together as a company, as well as ensures proficiency in the basics.

Marksmanship training incorporates different shooting scenarios that put Marines and Sailors in situations that challenge their ability to successfully employ their weapons against the enemy. One of the most important portions of the package is the instruction and shooting that takes place on the flat range on silhouette targets. In this portion, participants learn new shooting positions and tactics that are applicable to the special operations missions they undertake.

On the flat range, most often used by local law enforcement and other government agencies, operators loaded their.45 caliber and M9 9mm pistols, as well as their M4 rifles before heading to the firing line. On the firing line, Marines who had previously served as Close Quarters Battle (CQB) instructors provided instruction, which took the shooters through timed shooting drills, multiple firing positions, speed and tactical reloads and transition drills from their primary to secondary weapon while engaging multiple targets.

The majority of the Marines and Sailors within the MSOC have deployed to combat before. The experience they bring to these packages adds to the intensity and growth of the training. At the conclusion of the first day of shooting, the instructors were extremely satisfied with the performance of the participants. They walked away from the range with an improved understanding of their weapon systems and how to employ them to their maximum effectiveness when it counts the most.

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