Tailor-made for the urban SWAT sniper, the DTA Covert can deploy quickly, fully assembled, from within vehicles.

Modern warfare has not seen a sniper/counter-sniper environment of this type since the battle for Stalingrad. The open desert and urban environments of Iraq, the crags and peaks of Afghanistan, paired with an unconventional insurgent enemy, created a vast battlefield of long-range engagements at the individual soldier’s level. But unlike the force-multipliers of previous conflicts, modern snipers and their spotters are a highly trained, tightly specialized and integrated part of both tactical and strategic operations—registering kills at over 2,600 yards.

From this environment, the precision rifle community has seen advances in optics, ballistics, munitions and doctrine. Lessons learned have taken military, law enforcement and recreational shooters to new levels of proficiency. Magpul Dynamics brings one warrior of that battlefield, former Marine Scout Sniper Caylen Wojcik, and the lessons of those conflicts to today’s precision shooter.


I traveled to the Cascade Mountain Range outside Yakima,Washington, to attend the Magpul Dynamics (MD) Precision Rifle 1 course. Precision Rifle 1 is a three-day course designed to teach the entry-level shooter more about his precision rifle than he ever imagined, as well as imbue him with a working knowledge of marksmanship, ballistics and range estimation. For this course, I ran the Desert Tactical Arms SRS Covert, a bolt-action bullpup-style sniper rifle chambered in .308 with an overall length of just over 28 inches.

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Tailor-made for the urban SWAT sniper, the DTA Covert can deploy quickly, fully assembled,…