E. R. Shaw Custom Rifles Mark VII VS
E. R. Shaw Custom Rifles Mark VII VS

The E. R. Shaw Custom Rifles Mark VII VS is based upon a RH single-shot, stainless steel action with a minimal-size ejection port—two features which make for a much stiffer receiver. The more rigid the receiver, the greater the accuracy potential. The straight-taper varmint-weight barrel can be ordered in any length from 18” to 28” in a choice of chrome moly or stainless. Barrels can be ordered with straight or E. R. Shaw’s patented helical fluting. With stainless barrels, flutes can be blackened, which contrasts greatly with the raw stainless matte surface finish to lend a highly distinctive look.

The black/gray target-style laminated wood stock with ventilated forearm and a 10” rail is offered in two versions, one with a cheekpiece and butt plate that are fully adjustable for comb height and pull length, respectively, while the other option is a two-position cheekpiece. The forearm rail allows a bipod to be slid and locked anywhere along its length.

The E. R. Shaw Custom Rifles Mark VII VS is available in the largest selection of calibers of any barrel manufacturer.

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