In the upcoming GUN ANNUAL 2015, author Richard Mann test-fires a custom E.R. Shaw Mark VII VS rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. According to Mann, the rifle features a 26-inch, heavy-contour, button-rifled barrel. It also has attractive spiral fluting on the exterior that cuts weight without sacrificing strength. While it’s chambered in the 6.5 Creedmoor, E.R. Shaw offers dozens of chamberings, from .17 caliber all the way up to .458. For its action, the rifle utilizes a Savage action with the Savage AccuTrigger, which breaks at about 2 pounds with a hint of overtravel.

The bottom of the Mark VII VS rifle’s forend is wide and flat, making it perfect for shooting from a rest or sandbags. The bottom of the forend also features an integrated rail if you’d prefer to attach a bipod. At the rear of the stock, there is an adjustable cheekrest that can be raised or lowered for obtaining the perfect cheekweld. The cheekrest is held in place with strong magnets, meaning you can simply pop it off if you need to remove the bolt for cleaning without shifting the cheekrest’s height position. The buttpad is also adjustable for length of pull so you can establish a natural fit behind the rifle.

For optics, Richard Mann added the new 4-14x56mm SHV riflescope from Nightforce Optics for the ultimate in long-range precision shooting. SHV stands for “Shooter, Hunter, Varminter,” and it’s designed for power and affordability. It features an illuminated MOAR reticle, divided into MOA increments, as well as 0.25-MOA target turret adjustments.

Now, Mann’s goal was to take the rifle out to 200 yards. After finding the right optic, the next step was procuring the best ammo. His result: Hornady’s 120-grain A-MAX ammo. Then, Mann gathered up his gear and took the Mark VII VS to the range for hitting a steel target 200 yards away.

Watch the video to see some of his results and keep your eyes peeled for a full review in the upcoming GUN ANNUAL 2015, available digitally and on shelves August 26, 2014. To subscribe, visit

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