Being deployed in a country where English isn’t the native language is a real challenge. Those challenges may turn critical without an interpreter available.  ECTACO has created a hands free/eye free 2-way communication system and open development platform for troops enduring the constant struggle with language barriers during deployment.

gi4.jpgThe ECTACO SpeechGuard GI-5 has been developed specifically for the armed forces community.  The GI-5 understands thousands of commands spoken in English and is capable of pronouncing the translations in a multitude of languages. Ectaco will add content and languages required by agencies.

The GI-5 is ideal for situations when there’s no time to wait for a translator to arrive. Speak into the unit and it repeats what you’ve said instantly. The GI-5 delivers loud, concise and even-tempered commands in any language.  Thousands of commands, phrases, and questions can be issued without looking at the device. Phrases are designed to be 100% recognized in a hand free/eye free extreme noise environment. Speak up to 3 words and have a phrase completely issued. Establish multiple user profiles. MSRP $950

Text Translation
Two-way communication at it’s best! Type a word or sentence in English or the target language and have it instantly translated into text and speech.

Cultural Notes
Get familiar with the cultural nuances of the communities you are dealing with.

Professional Audio Commands
Select any of thousands of industry specific phrases/questions and have them spoken in human voice instantly in the language you select!

Tactical Commands
Speak 2 or 3 keywords in high noise environments and have full phrases spoken on your behalf. All done hands free/eyes free!

Language Teacher
Learn to phonetically speak new languages accurately with the aid of an audio/visual analyzer!

Audio Player
Play MP3 files or record your conversations for future reference.

Basic features include:
* MultiMedia Card slot (card included) for simplified content replacement and updates. ECTACO provides quarterly updates for a full year!
* Voice output in Arabic, Dari, Pashto, and Farsi. Customize your unit and have us include additional languages based on your needs.
* Li-Polymer battery can be used up to 16 hours before charging is necessary
* 320X240 pixel touch-screen
* Port to connect to external speaker units (i.e. bullhorn, PA system, etc.)
* Backlight for low light visibility

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