Today, elite law enforcement, military and civilian shooters are specifying more compact weapons systems that do not compromise accuracy. Whether for tactical or serious marksmanship applications, less is more. And extra weight and bulk do not necessarily add to a successful shooting experience.

An example is the new Elite Iron version of the SAKO® TRG42 .338 Lapua Magnum rifle that has been modified to make a very accurate rifle easier to live with. The SAKO barrel has been replaced by a 21-inch Broughton bull barrel 6 inches shorter than the stock barrel to make the rifle less of a handful. The cheek piece is adjustable, the stock nicely padded, sling mounts are properly mounted fore and aft, and the stock also has a handy rear monopod. The action is cold hammer-forged and the sturdy bolt has three locking lugs. Bolt lift is only 60o for a fast throw. The metal magazines are double-stacked, 5-round detachable. A space-saving, rugged folding stock reduces the length of the rifle considerably and is rock solid when extended. Elite Iron has been working extensively with McRee’s Multi Services and is a distributor for their folding stock.

Optics are the Nightforce® 5.5x22x50 mounted in Nightforce rings on an interface rail. The rifle carries the excellent SAKO bipod and comes with an extra magazine. A custom muzzle brake is also offered that reduces recoil and aids in accuracy. Last, but not least, this rifle has been fitted with a new shorter Elite Iron Sierra 10-inch suppressor that yields a sound level pressure reduction over 30 db. Elite Iron also manufacturers an 11 inch Sierra for the .338 Lapua that reduces the sound level by 33 db.

SAKO rifles have been made in Finland for nearly 90 years and have achieved a reputation for building exceedingly well balanced and accurate firearms and cartridges for hunting, competition and the military. Elite Iron offers the SAKO TRG42 as a package delivered in green or black and can modify it to be more compact. It comes in a Pelican® case. The SAKO TRG42 also is available in .300 Win and the TRG22 in .308.

Elite Iron is a manufacturer of firearms sound suppressor solutions and also sells tactical weapons systems, NFA, non-NFA firearms, and other accessories. The company is headquartered in Potomac, Montana, and appeals to those firearms enthusiasts and professionals who require high performance from the equipment they use in serious shooting sports, law enforcement, and the military. For more information, visit the Elite Iron web site at

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