EMA Tactical is proud to introduce our new CountDown Magazine. This unique magazine provides the operator with a visual indicator showing the amount of remaining rounds in the magazine. This 30 round polymer magazine is available in .223 caliber and features an non-tilting follower and a corrosion resistant stainless steel spring.
The magazine body is made from a high impact polymer strong enough to be run over by a truck and still function. Designed with a window in the back of the magazine, the operator can instantly see how many rounds remain without moving his head from the rifle cheekpiece. The operator only needs to glance down to know how many rounds remain. The visual indicator is also color coded for easier viewing, 30 to 21 rounds have a green background, 20-11 rounds have a yellow background and 10-0 rounds have a red background. In addition, there is another window in the bottom of the magazine which displays the color so the user knows to pick the most loaded magazine from the magazine pouch.
The counting system does not interfere with magazine disassembly or reduce the magazine capacity. This is the first magazine to offer the operator this capability. No more unexpectedly finding yourself with an empty magazine No more guessing how many rounds are left in the magazine. The operator can immediately tell at a glance of the eye how many rounds are available. Product#: CDMAG. EMA Tactical also now offers a 30 round polymer .223 magazine with the non-tilting follower, a corrosion resistant stainless steel spring and a high impact polymer magazine body without the countdown feature.


· High impact polymer 30 round .223 magazine.

· Non-tilting follower.

· Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Follower.

· Color coded visual indicator on back of magazine shows the number of remaining rounds.

· Second color coded visual indicator on bottom of magazine allows user to select fuller magazine.

· 100% magazine reliability.

· In stock for immediate shipment.

· All EMA products have a 100%, unconditional, lifetime warranty.

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