EMA Tactical is proud to introduce the new Marom-Dolphin Medical pouch. This 6″ x 6.5″ x 4″ MOLLE pouch with carry handle is made from 1000/500 denier Cordura and is packed with 11 separate storage compartments easily holding the Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) and more. Manufactured in Israel by former IDF soldiers, this pouch is made with the highest quality materials and sewn using double stitching, bar tacks, and double X box stitching throughout for extra strength and durability. The exterior front features two compartments for sterile gloves and scissors.

The sterile glove compartment uses an elastic webbing opening to easily access the gloves. There is a lanyard mount for the scissors when in use and Velcro tabs to secure the scissors in place when not in use. Two big zipper pulls on the outside of the pouch provide for quick ambidextrous opening. The three sided zipper closure opens flat exposing four interior mesh compartments with elastic lips. The compartments are made from high density polyester mesh for easy visual identification of the contents, while the elastic lips prevent the contents from falling out during opening. A removable center grab bag with carry handle contains five more compartments.


In addition to separating the contents of front and back of the pouch, the center grab bag provides additional storage and is held in place with Velcro so it can be easily removed and used elsewhere. A 19.75″ square water resistant clean area drape is included. The clean area drape attaches to the pouch with Velcro so it will not fall out but can be swiftly detached and moved to another area for use. When not in use, the clean area drape can be rolled up and secured inside Velcro webbing straps. A second set of Velcro webbing straps will hold an optional second clean area drape or tourniquet. When not in use, both carry handles secure to the pouch with Velcro so they won’t interfere with operations.

The exterior carry handle is stitched to the sides of the pouch with double stitching that reinforces the pouch and eliminates any possibility of the carry handle being detached. Two red pull tabs located in the top corners of the medical pouch act as markers, stops and pull tabs. This allows the user to start to open the pouch while heading to the scene but not allowing anything to fall out and upon arrival, use the pull tabs to quickly open the pouch completely. All interior sides and the removable center grab bag are finished with piping for years of use. The rugged exterior is crafted from two layers of material providing strength and durability.


Four drain holes are in the corners of the bottom along with two hook tabs for attaching other items. The four rigid MOLLE straps with heavy duty snaps keep the medical pouch in place. The MOLLE straps are securely attached to the pouch with double box X stitching. Additional horizontal webbing on the back allows for the use of ALICE and other mounting systems. This well thought out design comes from years of battlefield experience and is executed with care, craftsmanship and attention to details to provide the ultimate in long service under extreme conditions. Available in Black, Tan, OD Green & Digital ACU is made from material meeting Army standards for shade and IR. Weight 1 lb 2 oz. Made in Israel.

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