EMA TACTICAL is proud to introduce our most prized product, the RONI. The RONI allows you to easily convert your pistol to an accurate carbine in less than 6 seconds by simply unlocking two pins and inserting your handgun. There is no need to carry both rifle and pistol ammunition, with the RONI you are guaranteed increased accuracy to 100 yards and beyond. There is no pistol disassembly or modification required.

The EMA Tactical RONI pistol comes equipped with a optional folding forward grip, one full length 9.4″ aluminum top rail and two 2.25″ aluminum side rails. A fourth picatinny rail is available under the barrel extension. A 5 position collapsible stock and adjustable cheek piece are provided for your comfort and to increase performance. A spare magazine holder, optional brass catcher and removable barrel shroud for a 1.3″ supressor are additional features to the RONI.

The RONI fits: Glock 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, 32, 34 & 35 – In stock now for immediate delivery. Coming in 30 days – including Bersa 9mm, Beretta PX4 Storm, Jericho, Glock 21, Sig Sauer 226 & 2022, Beretta PX4 Storm and PX4 Storm 45 cal., H&K USP, S&W M&P, Springfield XD 9mm & 40 cal, FN 5-7. Models coming soon include the Beretta 92, M9 & M91A, H&K USP, Bersa Thunder & Bersa Thunder Pro, Jericho, CZ Duty 07 & 08, Para P14, FN Five-7 and Glock 21.


The RONI is available in three colors: Black, OD Green and Desert Tan (shown above). Other accessories for the RONI include a hinged brass catcher with magnetic release, secure vehicle mount, front & rear flip up sites, forward grips, sling mounts, 1.375″ suppressors and more!

Price: $399.99
Made of: Polymer & Aluminum
Weight (oz.): 55.36
Max Length (in.): 21.75″
Min. Length (in.): 18″
Height (in.): 6.25″

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EMA TACTICAL is proud to introduce our most prized product, the RONI. The RONI…