The Energizer® Hard Case® Tactical line of lights is designed to meet the lighting and light discipline needs of military, law enforcement and first responder personnel. Each light’s design is based on extensive research and development and feedback from tactical professionals in the field to ensure that the product is durable, functional and includes critical features for field use. Unlike some competitive products that require 123 batteries, Energizer® Hard Case® Tactical lights use AA batteries, which are more readily available in the field and will run on lithium or ordinary alkaline batteries for added versatility.

Energizer® Hard Case® Tactical 2AA Second Generation Handheld Light
* Compact: 5.6” long, 2.2” wide at the head, 1.5” at the handle
* Survives a 15’ drop
* Total Internal Reflection lens
* Rotating 180° head allowing light to be directed where needed
* Six light modes:
o Bright white, high-intensity LED (70 lumens on high)
o Red LED for light-discipline and combat conditions
o Blue LED for light-discipline and medical applications
o Green LED for light-discipline and map-reading
o Infrared (IR) light for use with night-vision devices
o IR strobe for Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) capability
* IR and Lockout modes prevent other light sources from operating
* Light runs on two AA batteries, but is fully functional with one AA battery when necessary
* Seven hours of runtime on bright white, high mode when powered by Energizer® Ultimate Lithium batteries
* MSRP: $125

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