the Engraved Pietta 1873 Centennial is a work of art

Davidson’s, one of the nation’s top firearms, ammunition, optics, and accessories wholesalers, has continued their collaboration with Pietta, Italy. Producing an exquisite Davidson’s Exclusive Engraved Pietta 1873 Centennial single-action revolver.

Only the Best from a Leading Six-Gun Manufacturer

Pietta is known worldwide for their authentic historical firearms reproductions. Truly, Davidson’s partnership with an Italian company that has a rich history represents an opportunity to produce truly unique guns.

Davidson’s latest Exclusive born of this partnership is the Engraved 1873 Centennial. This particular model (Item#PSA4512) features finely detailed engraving on the frame. Additionally engraved are the cylinder, half of the barrel, topstrap, backstrap, hammer, ejector rod shroud, and the trigger guard.

1873 Centennial Specifications

This exclusive is chambered in 45 Long Colt. Furthermore, the Engraved Pietta 1873 Centennial has a 12-inch barrel, checkered black two-piece grips, and features a two-tone silver/blued finish.

The sights are the open fixed type with a notch at rear and a bladed front. Plus, this 1873 model, as with other Davidson’s Exclusive Pietta single-actions, features the traditional four-click hammer and six-round cylinder. With that in mind, it’s safest to only load the cylinder with five rounds. Traditional six-guns like the Pietta don’t have a firing pin block. In fact, with the gun loaded to six, the firing pin rests on top of a live primer. With that in mind, old cowboys would only load their guns with five shots. For example, they’d keep an empty chamber under the hammer for safety.

Lastly, the 1873 Centennial has a low MSRP of $699.99 and is in stock now at both of Davidson’s distribution facilities.

For more information, consumers should visit the Davidson’s Blog at while supplies last.

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