Every officer needs a solid, reliable pistol that can deal with the abuse that comes with real-world deployments. A gun that can go double duty as a concealed, off-duty pistol is even better. This brings us to the 1911, a design that remains one of the most easily concealed full-sized pistols. Its slim design makes inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry practical, its manual safeties meet many agencies’ requirements, and the list of accessories is endless. The 1911 really is one of the most versatile carry pistols you can get.

A quality 1911 can perform admirably as an LE duty pistol, but it can also be expensive. That’s not the case with Smith & Wesson’s E-Series 1911s, which are affordable and high quality. The standard model starts with a stainless steel frame and slide. A crisp, Series 70 trigger and 20-line-per-inch (lpi) checkering are included. A tactical magazine release, laminate wooden grips, and a checkered, steel mainspring housing complete the grip frame.

The E-Series slide has fish-scale cocking serrations in the front and rear, and the top has been grooved to reduce glare. The pistol’s chamfered and recessed muzzle almost looks custom. Low-mount, white-dot sights and an external extractor are also utilized. To top it all off, the black slide stop, single-sided safety and beavertail contrast well with the satin finish.

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Every officer needs a solid, reliable pistol that can deal with the abuse that…