The Escort SD-X delivers tremendous value in a box-fed design.

Hatsan just launched a new Escort model within the Versatile Tactical Shotgun series, dubbed the SD-X. Available in 12-gauge or .410, the SD-X feeds from a box magazine and utilizes gas piston system.

Escort SD-X Shotguns

The SD-X comes in both all black or FDE Cerakote. It features a new gas piston design mounted around the barrel. This eliminates the need for a secondary tube typically mounted below the barrel on semi-auto shotguns. The design reduces both weight and bulk. Meanwhile, it helps minimize felt recoil and muzzle rise, according to Hatsan. a

A synthetic polymer lower receiver features an ally magazine well. The patented TermoDefend forend absorbs and dissipates heat from the barrel.

An active buffer tube absorbs recoil and sports a removable buttstock with elevation-adjustable cheek rest. The soft rubber ergonomic pistol grip removes and swaps out with aftermarket options. A carry handle rear sight and fixed front sight come on each shotgun. However, the gun includes flip-up sights as well. The forend also features four Picantinny rail locations for accessories.

The 12-gauge models feature an 18-inch barrel with removable chokes. Chokes include an extended cylinder bore choke brake to help tame recoil with heavy shot or slugs, along with Standard Full and Improved Cylinder. Each gun ships with two five-round magazines and a two-round mag that stores in the buttstock.

The .410 shotguns feature a 20-inch barrel with integrated choke suitable for both shot and slugs. It also comes with two five-round mags, along with a spare three-round magazine stored in the buttstock. For more information, please visit

Escort SD-X Features

  • Modern sporting style gas operated semi-automatic shotgun
  • 12-gauge or .410 cal, 3-inch / 76mm chamber
  • Self-regulating gas piston cycles both 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells
  • Detachable box magazines
  • Onboard storage for spare magazine
  • 18-inch or 20-inch barrel for shot or slugs
  • 12-gauge model features interchangeable choke tubes (F, IC, Cyl w/ Brake)
  • Oxidation proof chrome plated steel barrel
  • All barrels are proof tested at the factory to ensure maximum durability
  • Reversible cocking handle for ambidextrous operation
  • Buffer tube mounted stock with elevation adjustable cheek rest and soft rubber buttpad
  • Soft rubber ergonomic pistol grip
  • Durable alloy upper receiver and a light-yet-durable synthetic lower receiver
  • Picatinny rail integrated into upper receiver and hand guard
  • Synthetic ThermoDefend hand guard with ergonomic forend grip
  • Manual safety selector switch
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • Detachable carry handle rear sight and front sight
  • Optional flip-up front and rear sights included
  • Mounted sling loops
  • Tough matte black or FDE Cerakote finish
  • MSRP: $619.99 – Black / $689.99 – FDE

Escort SD-X12 Specs

  • 12-gauge gas-operated, semi-auto shotgun
  • 18-inch hard chrome plated barrel with removable chokes
  • 37.6-inch overall length
  • 9.0 pounds
  • 2x five-round + 1x two-round magazines included
  • F, IC, and CYL (brake) chokes included

Escort SD-X410 Specs

  • .410 gas-operated, semi-auto shotgun
  • 20-inch hard chrome plated fixed cylinder barrel
  • 39.6-inch overall length
  • 7.8 pounds
  • 2x five-round + 1x three-round magazines included

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