LWRC International has been building some of the finest piston-driven ARs for years. The company’s innovative Six8 platform remains one of the most reliable 6.8 SPC rifles you can buy. Those wanting proven reliability and accuracy in 7.62mm NATO often look to the company’s REPR series.

LWRC’s more recent Individual Carbine (IC) series has become one of the first choices among many working professionals. Rugged, proven in harsh conditions and built to the highest standards, LWRCI remains a leader in the industry. The only thing missing was a direct-impingement (DI) model—until now.

Professional and enthusiasts alike have been clamoring for an LWRC AR using the DI gas system for years. Piston systems have their advantages, and LWRC’s patented short-stroke system is among the best, but some just don’t want or need it. Direct impingement systems, on the other hand, are lightweight, simple, reliable and generally more affordable. This new LWRCI-DI is a perfect example of this.

The heart of the new LWRCI-DI is LWRC’s enhanced bolt and bolt carrier group. Working on the U.S. military’s M4 Product Improvement Program (PIP), LWRC developed its own upgraded bolt and bolt carrier group for use in the M4. It utilizes an integral gas key, a fully supported bolt face and an improved extractor and springs for increased reliability. It also has sand cuts to facilitate use in desert environments.

Finally, the upgraded bolt carrier group is coated in nickel Teflon for increased durability and ease of cleaning and maintenance. This is paired with LWRC’s hammer-forged barrel, a user-configurable handguard, ambidextrous controls, a collapsible stock and much more.

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