Jeff Gonzales, the lead instructor of Trident Concepts, or TRICON, has established a reputation for holding himself, his students and his equipment to high standards.

For the past several years, Gonzales has had a close relationship with LWRC International. LWRCI is one of the premier AR manufacturers and is well known for its patented, self-regulating piston-driven, AR-platform rifles. Gonzales has worked with LWRCI in the past to produce several TRICON limited-edition rifles. Their latest collaboration is the TRICON MK6.

Gonzales had several requirements when working with LWRC. First, he wanted a carbine with modern features. Second, he wanted the rifle that weighed less than a standard GI-issue M4. Finally, he wanted the rifle to perform! The new TRICON MK6 meets all of these requirements.

The new rifle is based on the LWRCI IC carbine with the company’s proven Monoforge upper. The 14.7-inch barrel features a pinned GI flash suppressor, which makes for a compact rifle that is well balanced.

Gonzales then had the MK6 outfitted with a B5 Systems SOPMOD stock, Magpul MBUS Pro sights, a TangoDown stubby vertical grip and a Geissele Super TRICON two-stage trigger.

I recently got my hands on this rifle for testing, and I immediately set it up with Aimpoint’s new Micro T-2 for the range evaluation. With its Geissele trigger, the rifle was both fast and accurate. The TRICON MK6 is at the head of my list for duty-ready rifles.

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