Since the 1970s Springfield Armory has offered a variety of M1A (civilian legal M14) Rifles. Rifles that have won their share of competitions. Their efforts alone may have been responsible for not letting the M14 family drop into obscurity.

For those interested in obtaining a precision rifle that fits them well, Springfield is offering their new Springfield Loaded Precision Adjustable M1A. This rifle has many of their National Match M1A features with a highly adjustable stock.

Features include a 22-inch, air-gauged, premium chrome moly National Match barrel a medium contour and Parerizing, along with National Match sights and trigger group.

This adjustable polymer stock, the Archangle from ProMag, can be adjusted for length of pull and comb height easily using knobs. The stock also features QD sling connectors and an equipment rail, among other things.

Testing revealed the Springfield Loaded Precision Adjustable M1A shoots like a house afire and adjusted to fit each shooter easily.

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