With the Model 9T, Stag Arms has taken the AR platform and redesigned it from the ground up to fire 9mm ammunition—the same ammunition you use in your duty gun or concealed-carry weapon. It’s definitely an asset to be able to swap ammo between your pistol and rifle, and the Stag Model 9T is far from your typical AR-style rifle.

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To fire the 9mm, the Model 9T does not use the typical direct impingement system of most 5.56mm NATO ARs. Instead, it has a simple blowback-operated action. There is no gas block, gas tube or piston with the Model 9T. In fact, while many AR manufacturers over the years have offered kits to convert ARs to 9mm with an upper component and a drop-in magazine block to make the 5.56mm magazine well compatible with 9mm stick magazines, the Stag Arms Model 9T employs a dedicated 9mm upper and lower receivers.

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The upper features a heavy-profile, 16-inch, 4140 steel barrel with a 1-in-10-inch twist rate. The bore and chamber are chromed, and the muzzle is capped with an A2-style flash suppressor. The upper also uses a one-piece bolt and carrier with a modified ejection port cover and an enlarged brass deflector. The lower is different from your typical AR as well, as it uses an integrated magazine well that accepts standard Colt-style 9mm AR magazines, which are similar to the modified UZI magazines that Colt used back in the day—straight stick designs with a double-stack column of cartridges. The lower is also set up with a specially designed hammer, magazine release and recoil buffer all compatible for the 9mm round. What remains the same are the AR controls. The safety, charging handle, magazine release and six-position-adjustable buttstock all function the same. In other words, you won’t need extra training time to learn this AR—just different ammo.

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