Let’s take a detour into the world of exotic guns. Yes, there were plenty of them at SHOT Show 2017. In fact, there was plenty of everything at the annual event. With over 1,600 exhibiting companies showing off their latest wares on an equivalent of more than 13 acres of show floor space at the Sands Expo Center in Vegas, we’re talking some serious variety here.

When we say “exotic guns,” what exactly are we talking about? Well, the word “exotic” is an umbrella term that can mean a number of different things, including foreign, striking, mysterious, new, different and experimental. The firearms, and one riflescope, featured here certainly had all of that in spades.

They also had the price tag to go along with their exotic classification. These firearms will not only break the bank, they’ll flat-out obliterate it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

With that in mind, strap in, watch the video above and try not to drool as you check out the exotic offerings from the likes of Fausti, Barrett, Perazzi, Schmidt & Bender and Shiloh Sharps at SHOT Show 2017.

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