Extreme Tactical Dynamics announced today that it is expanding its selection of LED traffic advisor in order to better serve its customers in police departments and other first responder agencies throughout the U.S. This expansion is expected to provide additional options for construction workers, tow truck drivers, emergency first responders, and police officers by offering a wider range of choices in this equipment category. In this way, Extreme Tactical Dynamics continues to demonstrate its commitment to offering the widest selection, best quality, and lowest prices on emergency equipment.

LED traffic advisor are used to signal to oncoming motorists that traffic is being temporarily redirected due to construction, road hazards, accidents, or other emergency conditions, making them a crucial element in public safety and security, especially at night. Most LED traffic advisor feature a programmable interface allowing construction workers and police officers to choose the display that works best for the situation. Arrow-shaped LED traffic advisor steer oncoming traffic around obstacles and hazards, while blinking, flashing, or cycling lights offer ample warning for motorists on the road. Extreme Tactical Dynamics now offers the widest range of LED traffic advisor for its customers, ensuring that they get precisely the right traffic control device to suit their needs.

This expansion of the Extreme Tactical Dynamics product line will further cement the company’s status as a rising star in the emergency equipment marketplace. LED traffic advisors are one of the most crucial items for first responders and police officers, and are used in a wide range of situations to help ensure public safety. By offering a wider selection, Extreme Tactical Dynamics hopes to provide even better service and additional choice for their clients across the United States. $89.96.

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Extreme Tactical Dynamics announced today that it is expanding its selection of LED traffic…