Every expert has a different “opinion” on how often and thoroughly you need to clean your weapon. Many gurus these days state clearly they are “cleaned too much.” That works it seems if you only shoot your weapon a few times a year and a few rounds at a time. It is also convenient, as you spend less time cleaning. All this sounds great, but not if your life depends on it.

Go into harm’s way a couple times a day and that is a different story. Some recent training in very harsh conditions brought this fact home to me very quickly. All of a sudden my inattention to the details left me scrambling to get my guns up and running and to keep them running. It was a rude awakening that should probably have occurred years ago.



The first of these epiphanies came in Grayling, Michigan, at a .50 BMG sniper school run by Dave Agata. Running the new Barrett M107A1, I recalled that my past experience was these guns would run hundreds of rounds without cleaning in standard range conditions. Well, not so much when you are caught in a downpour, laying in the mud, and hammered with strong winds sending dirt, mud and debris everywhere. This necessitated a little more attention to basic maintenance.

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Every expert has a different “opinion” on how often and thoroughly you need to…