FNH USA SCAR 17S 7.62mm by David Bahde
Law enforcement’s version of SOCOM’s newest heavy hitting battle rifle!

ASA 9mm M4 CARBINE by Todd Burgreen
AR-style pistol-caliber carbine — decisive CQB and dynamic entry tool!

BATES & DITTUS EXD-37 by Scott W. Wagner
Extreme Duty Munitions 37mm launcher — ultimate less-lethal option!

WILSON COMBAT X-TAC .45 ACP by David Bahde
Custom-quality 1911 at a duty-ready price point!

REMINGTON MODEL 40-XS .338 LAPUA MAG by Charlie Cutshaw
Precision performance for the LE Designated Marksman with devastating punch!

RRA LAR-15 ELITE OPERATOR 5.56mm by Rich Grassi
DEA’s carbine built for high-threat situations!

Economical and durable fighting scattergun ready for patrol duty!

LWRCI M6A1-S 5.56mm by Doug Larson
Ultra-reliable and accurate piston-operated tactical carbine!


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FEATURES FNH USA SCAR 17S 7.62mm by David Bahde Law enforcement’s version of SOCOM’s…