STEYR AUG/A3 NATO 5.56mm by Gary Paul Johnston
The definitive combat bullpup takes a quantum leap with 21st century technology!

HALO ARMS MAXIMUS .50 BMG by Charlie Cutshaw
Ultimate hybrid system — competition accuracy with military ruggedness!

TROY M7A1 SBR UPGRADE by Peter J. White
Transforming your standard M4 into a covert entry CQB performance machine!

SAVAGE MODEL 110 BA .338 LAPUA MAG by Richard Mann
Blasting through hard targets — overwatch, perimeter or countersniper operations!

KNIGHT’S SR15 IWS 5.56mm by Cameron Hopkins
Integral Weapons Systems featuring Eugene Stoner’s final redesign and innovations!

SIG SAUER P226 TAC OPS .40 by D.K. Pridgen
Delivering high performance in combat-proven firepower!

CENTURY ARMS GOLANI 5.56mm by Paul Markel
Full-sized battle rifle that goes beyond the typical AR mold!

NEW PTR-32 7.62x39mm by Charlie Cutshaw
Prototype NATO carbine gets redesigned for more combat reliability!

DEL-TON M16A4 5.56mm by Paul Markel
Based on the U.S. Marine’s battle rifle — a serious rifle with a Devil Dog’s bite!


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FEATURES STEYR AUG/A3 NATO 5.56mm by Gary Paul Johnston The definitive combat bullpup takes…