Federal Signal’s RumbleR intersection-clearing system is a new siren system for LE vehicles, one that not only utilizes improvements in audio technology that no other siren company has implemented, but also introduces a revolutionary new concept to audible warning.

This system has the ability to interact with 100/200-watt siren amplifiers and provide secondary, low frequency duplicate tones. Low frequency tones have the distinct advantage of penetrating and shaking solid materials allowing vehicle operators and nearby pedestrians to FEEL the sound waves, and perhaps even see their effects through a shaking rearview mirror.

Secondary System with Built-in Safety In addition to the primary siren amplifier and speaker, the RumbleR adds a secondary amplifier. This gives the system the ability to sense the currently enabled siren tone signal, reduce the signals’ frequency by 75%, and amplify the sound through a pair of high output woofers. The systems’ timer allows the tone to sound for 10 seconds, and then automatically shuts off. The result is a highly effective backup emergency tone, especially when transitioning hazardous traffic intersections. The RumbleR is particularly effective when used in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

A complete RumbleR intersection-clearing system consists of an amplifier, a timer, two subwoofers, and vehicle specific mounting hardware. This system can be paired with most 100/200-watt emergency siren amplifiers and the RumbleR system is most effective when used as an intersection-clearing device where heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic is present.

* Improves emergency vehicle operator safety.
* Produces penetrating/vibrating low frequency sound waves.
* Interacts with most 100/200-watt emergency vehicle siren amplifiers.
* Enabled via any emergency vehicle steering wheel horn ring.
* 10 second safety timer provides automatic tone shutdown.
* Highly effective in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle traffic.
* Upgrades user safety and siren effectiveness
* Can be attached to any available siren product
* Vibrating tones provide feel with emergency warning sound
* Vehicle specific mount brackets available
* Ideal for use in highly populated urban environments

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