Lancer’s durable translucent magazines come in a variety of capacities, from 5- to 48-rounds.

With the most famous American “black rifle” also being the most popular American centerfire rifle (not much of a coincidence there), as well as one of the most versatile and adaptable design platforms, the AR-15 in all of its various forms and configurations additionally covers the widest array of user applications, particularly in the law enforcement community. As the heart of any tactical-style rifle is its ammunition-feeding device (a.k.a. magazine), you may want to explore some options for your own rifle to mate up with whatever your personal uses are.

The DPMS 45-round hybrid magazine combines two modified alloy mag bodies, resulting in a lightweight, extended green follower-equipped magazine.

With an expansive number of AR-15 model variations, DPMS also carries several magazine types, both under their own brand and from other makers. One with appeal for 3-gunners and others who like to shoot more than they like to reload is the 45-rounder, with an alloy body and green follower. A hybrid, the 45-round magazine is strongly welded up from two separate “box” sections, hardcoat anodized to military specs, and Teflon-coated to resist corrosion and binding in a magazine well. It disassembles at the bottom floorplate in typical GI magazine style for cleaning, and for $89.99 you get extended performance in a familiar, lightweight package (800-578-3767,

A pair of steel mags—ArmaLite’s 30-round for 7.62x39mm pictured on top, with CMMG’s 42-round Battle Mag in .223/5.56mm on the bottom.

CMMG Hostile Environment Battle Magazine is a steel-bodied 42-rounder that is built for hard use in either action gaming or more serious settings. Formed through a progressive die and wearing a black non-reflective coating that CMMG terms its WASP finish (Weapon Armored Surface Protection) for corrosion and abrasion resistance, it obviously weighs more than a GI type. However, part of that weight is a stainless steel follower that means anti-tilt when it says anti-tilt and a triple-strand braided wire spring for consistent pressure regardless of how many rounds are in the magazine. The guts drop out the bottom in the regular way, and you get a lot of crush-resistance here for a very reasonable $29.99 (660-248-2293,

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Lancer’s durable translucent magazines come in a variety of capacities, from 5- to 48-rounds.…