A common thread weaves among many firearms company founders: They were shooting enthusiasts who wanted to turn their passion into a product they could share with others. David Moore, owner of Spider Firearms and the creator and manufacturer of the Ferret50, recently shared his story of how he became a gun manufacturer.
“I was born into a family of inventors, machinists and mechanics who also had a love of firearms,” Moore said. “At an early age, I learned that any obstacle could be overcome through persistence, education and thinking outside of the box. And that challenge is the path to creation.”

Fast, Low-Drag Growth
Having an affection for cars, he began a career in the automotive industry. After a few years of learning the basics of mechanics, Moore landed a job at a race shop. “We built cars for drag racing,” Moore said. “I taught myself all I could and closely watched the experts, gleaning every secret that they held. Man, was that a fun time in my life! There is nothing like having a part in building a car and watching it blast down a track at over 200 miles per hour. But, there wasn’t much money in it, so I moved on to repair shops. It didn’t take long for new car dealers to find me, seeing that I had great potential. Working in GM and Chrysler shops, they sent me to every available school there was. I quickly became an expert in every field of repair. But after becoming a master technician, there seemed to be no challenge in it anymore.”

Final Ferret
Like any .50 BMG-firing bolt-action rifle, the Ferret50 is massive. It shares some characteristics with the AR-15, such as an A2-style pistol grip and separate upper and lower receivers. The barreled action is pinned to the lower receiver, which houses the fire control group, too. The lower receiver is a solid welded-steel platform that features an adjustable cheekpiece that can be raised and locked into position with Allen-head setscrews. The comb height can be adjusted just a smidge more than an inch. One of the ways a shooter can fine-tune elevation with this rig is a screw-actuated cantilever that allows about an inch of travel under the buttstock. The buttstock is not adjustable for length of pull, but its 14.5-inch length of pull seems adequate for most shooters. The overall length of the lower receiver is 18.88 inches from buttpad to just ahead of the forward takedown pin…

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