I first heard of the Lapua FinnSniper competition from Lutz Moller. Lutz is one of the world’s finest ballisticians and makes the best bullets money can buy. While discussing a 3-kilometer sniper rifle project I was working on one day, he suggested I shoot his LM-105 bullet. Designed to be the ultimate .338 Lapua Mag bullet, he described its performance in a single phrase: “It has won the Finnish sniper competition twice in a row.” This was my first intro to “FinnSniper.” Just learning that the Finns organized a Lapua sponsored sniper competition became my new obsession in life.

finnsniper2.jpgFor over two years, I tried to work the competition into my life’s schedule. Non-stop Internet investigation made me aware that this sounded like the ultimate sniper competition worldwide. Information was scarce, but bits and pieces of the first eight years of FinnSniper unveiled themselves to me.

Just being able to watch was the closest I got to FinnSniper on my first trip. Obtaining a European weapons license on time was not meant to be. However, this event received all of my attention and I was lucky enough to participate in 2008. Two friends went with me. My sniper partner, Alvaro de Orleans and Jorge Rodriguez, a paratrooper and precision shooter, both had heard enough of my promotional campaign over the last couple of years, so they too, caught the bug. This competition is as close to military sniping as safety allows. The stages are challenging and competitiveness is unmatched. Meeting snipers from around the world was just amazing.

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I first heard of the Lapua FinnSniper competition from Lutz Moller. Lutz is one…