November magazine cover dates always get us thinking about chasing America’s favorite game animal, the whitetail deer. When the Summer’s sizzling heat finally gives way to crisp autumn mornings full of promise for getting that classic broadside shot at a high-racked buck staring at a hot doe in the distance…few things in a deer hunter’s life can compare!

But we at RF magazine have to keep our sights set on the big picture when it comes to hunting, shooting and defending our homes and families—we made that promise to you back in 2011 when we launched our premier issue. We strive to have something in every issue which both hunters, shooters, handloaders and gunsmithing enthusiasts will enjoy.

As for the hunting end of things, David Draper takes us on a wild big-game combo hunt in the fields and hills of New Mexico where bears and speedy pronghorns were on his hit list. His All-Terrain Mossberg “Meat Rifle” was along for the ride.

For those big-game hunters or competitive shooters who travel by air, Big Deer TV’s Mike Hanback helps demystify current TSA regulations, which to be honest, can be both confusing and intimidating when you don’t know how to read between the lines.

Speaking of “away games,” how many of us have dreamed about hunting The Dark continent in search of taking safari beasts that can stomp a man dead when shots miss their intended mark? Safari’s aren’t cheap, but they’re getting more affordable for the workingman these days. Package that in with our review on the EAA Baikal .45-70 double rifle—with only a $1,000 price tag—and you might consider making some calls to booking agents! If you do plan a trip, be sure to see what Wayne van Zwoll’s having to say about Nosler’s newest dangerous-game fodder in this issue’s Ammo Box column.

AR-platform rifle sales and overall interest are still strong despite the unfriendly political climate in some places. Bona fide member of the “will hunt for coyotes, food and any other legal critter with an AR” club, Jay Langston gives Del-Ton’s new 5.56 Evolution a Cowboy State workout. And although the Just Right Carbine looks like your standard AR-style rifle, it’s got some serious personal-defense clout. Phillip Null may have just uncovered the perfect partner for your 9, .40 or .45 ACP sidearms…

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