As an attorney, YouTube phenomenon and pop culture provocateur, Colion Noir has attracted attention from unusual media outlets. From very public—ahem, passionate—Twitter debates with music mogul Russell Simmons to a featured article in The Los Angeles Times, his name is heard in circles not normally associated with gun advocates. The mainstream media can’t seem to put Noir in a box, which is precisely the way he likes it. Though a relatively new shooter, the passion for firearms runs deep for Noir, as proven by his enormously popular videos and NRA news commentary. With big projects on the horizon, Noir is out to show the world, gun lovers and anti-gunners alike, a different side of firearms. It is sure to be one that neither side will soon forget.

“I tend to lean toward Daniel Defense’s rifles. I also have this thing about HK that really pulls on my heartstrings. They do it for me on an emotional level that I can’t explain.”

INTRO TO FIREAMS: One of my best friends randomly said one day that he wanted to go to the range and asked if I wanted to go. Prior to that I had never even held a gun, but curiosity got the best of me and I said, “OK.” It was nerve wracking initially because I was never around guns growing up. The idea of even being in the vicinity of them, especially if all you know about firearms is what you see on TV, can be really intimidating. And once you hear how loud they are and experience their power, it can create fear. At the same time, it is awe-inspiring. For me, fear got superseded by the curiosity—I was hooked.

FAVORITE GUNS: I go through phases. Soon after I got into firearms I began the process of getting my concealed-carry license. I really leaned toward the Glock. I believe it does the best job in terms of being a self-defense firearm. As far as rifles go, I spend more time with the AR platform. It’s easy to fall in love with because you can personalize it. You can do the same thing with the AK, but you are a bit more restricted. With an AR, I can add a grip, I can add a rail—there are parts readily available. I tend to lean toward Daniel Defense’s rifles. I also have this thing about HK that really pulls on my heartstrings. They do it for me on an emotional level that I can’t explain.

RANGE TIME: When I go out to the range, it takes me out of my typical environment. I am a staunch city boy. I am constantly surrounded by the concrete jungle, but when I shoot, there is nothing around for miles. When I am out there, there’s something about it—I get to spend more time with myself. When I am filming gear or gun review videos, those are the best times for me. I am working on an art and a craft.

TO ANTI-GUNNERS: First and foremost, if you are going to advocate banning something, take the time to learn about it. Understand what you are talking about. Listening to these people, it is blatantly obvious that they don’t know anything about firearms except what they have seen in movies and the media. That causes me to have no respect for their position. Second, if you are going to advocate limiting a person’s right to self-protection, step outside your box and think about other people who don’t live the life you live. When we are talking about things like policy, there is no room for being selfish and self-centered.

“I think the Second Amendment means everything because, whether you like it or not, the gun was the catalyst for this country and it continues to be.”

THE GUN INDUSTRY: I see a lot of changes coming up. Guns have gotten so much attention recently that it is kind of hard to ignore. If we have more people on our side, this thing that we love is protected. We have a bigger group of people who are willing to protect their right because now they are a part of it. I think the gun industry is moving toward commercialization—being a part of normal, everyday society. People are buying guns for more than just what they can do. They are buying them because of the way they look or because of the way they make them feel. The gun industry is starting to embrace that. People are being exposed to gun owners who, prior to now, existed but were not being portrayed. And that is a very good thing.

GUN HEROES: The genesis of my journey to firearms started on YouTube—after that first range experience, it was the thing that got me to chase the rabbit into the rabbit hole. One of the people that really got me into it was Hickok45. From the tactical side, it was Travis Haley and Chris Costa. They were my introduction to training and the more practical aspects of shooting. It turned into an obsession after that.

TO GUN OWNERS: You are the conduit to bringing people into firearms. Whether it is one, two or 9,000 people on YouTube—for people who aren’t into firearms, you are going to be the first person they encounter that owns guns. They are going to take that first impression and run with it. So make it a good one.

ON OUR HERITAGE & FUTURE: I think the Second Amendment means everything because, whether you like it or not, the gun was the catalyst for this country and it continues to be. Some say people of our generation don’t care. That we are self-entitled. The gun and our standing up for our Second Amendment rights prove otherwise. It demonstrates that we can be passionate about something above and beyond the latest iPhone. As long as we embrace the Second Amendment, it will continue to push our generation forward.And now what you have is a generation of people who are more informed and who stand up for our rights as a whole.

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