In October of 2008, Americans met Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher for the first time on national television when he confronted then-presidential candidate Barack Obama with questions about his proposed taxation policies. Overnight, Joe became a household name and media sensation, as news commentators sought him out for his “regular guy” approach to conservative American politics. We caught up with Joe to see what he’s up to. If you want to catch up with him yourself, check out

MY FIRST GUN: My first gun was a BB gun I got when I was four from my grandpa. All of my uncles went hunting, and living in the Florida Panhandle, we all lived off game. I was too young to go hunting, but I wanted to go. When they came back from a hunt one day, my grandpa came out of the house with a BB gun. I fell in love with it. I still have it. It’s an old Daisy. My son got to shoot my old BB gun when he was old enough.

MY MENTORS: I’d have to share that among my uncles, but Uncle Mike more than the others. My cousins got to go out with him, and I was envious. My dad was not a hunter. I went out and shot a couple of blackbirds, and I came back all proud. He made me pluck the dang things, put them in the oven and eat them. He taught me a valuable lesson that if you shoot it, you eat it. I’m a freezer hunter. If I can put meat in the freezer instead of shooting a big buck, that’s my choice. I like to put it in the freezer and don’t waste a thing…

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In October of 2008, Americans met Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher for the first time…