It has become an international obsession as each year moves on. What will Glock be doing next? It is the center of countless discussions online and in person, as well as fuel for numerous blogs. As 2016 began, expectations were high, and Glock has hit another home run. New this year are two guns that have been on many people’s wish lists.

Glock has expanded its Modular Optic System (MOS) line to now include the iconic G17 Gen4 and G19 Gen4. The MOS Configuration makes it easy to mount a miniature reflex sight on the pistol’s slide without having to get a new slide or separate mounting system.

Over the years, custom shops have altered countless G17 slides to allow for popular reflex sights, or people used out-of-the-box versions that utilized the rear site channel. Glock has now taken the lead and is providing its customers the opportunity to get their classic and reliable G17 in the much sought-after MOS Configuration. While it may be hard to believe, the reliable G17 Gen4 just got better.

To many, the release of the new G17 Gen4 MOS is seen as a major development. But Glock did not stop there. In concert with the new G17 Gen4 MOS, Glock has also released the G19 Gen4 MOS. The benefits of having a miniature reflex sight on a gun as reliable and accurate as the G19 Gen4 MOS are numerous.

First and foremost is the shooter’s ability to acquire and engage targets at high speed. There is no need to close one eye, which improves your overall vision of the events at hand. This takes one of the most relied-upon pistols in the world and takes it to the next level of accuracy and effectiveness. The Glock 19 Gen4 MOS will surely become a popular defensive handgun among shooters.

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