Noreen Firearms is best known for its Ultra Long Range (ULR) semi-automatic rifles, which are built to some of the toughest standards in the industry. These guns are not simply renditions of the ubiquitous AR—when I tested the company’s “Bad News” rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum last year, that point became incredibly clear. That rifle was accurate and reliable, with recoil more in common with a semi-auto 7.62mm NATO rifle than one in the .338 Lapua chambering. Noreen Firearms also makes a similar version in .30-06 called the BN36, so downsizing was already in the works. When the company offered me a .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO version for testing, I jumped on it.

The BN308 rifle utilizes the direct gas impingement operating system and comes with a 22-inch, 1-in-10-inch-twist, match-grade barrel. The bolt carrier is fluted, which helps reduce weight while remaining incredibly strong. The rifle also features a side-mounted charging handle attached to the bolt carrier. The charging handle features a knurled knob that is easy to grasp. This setup is very easy to run without fear of bumping optics or shifting your position, and the bolt holds open after the last round is fired. Surrounding the barrel is a long, eight-sided, free-floating handguard with several rows of lightening cuts that help dissipate barrel heat. The long Picatinny top rail is perfect for mounting sights and optics.

The lower receiver features an AR buffer tube and buffer for carbine-length stocks, and my test model came with a collapsible, polymer model that was easy to get behind. Operators can also choose between having either a match- or military-grade trigger installed. Finally, the BN308 accepts SR-25-pattern magazines, and Noreen Firearms shipped my test model with two Magpul PMAGs—one 10-rounder and one 20-rounder.

At the range, I tested the BN308 from several positions. Its accuracy is right up there with precision bolt-action rifles, and it was very consistent. The recoil was pretty soft, and its overall weight and balance is similar to many other 7.62mm NATO-chambered AR rifles.

Check out this video to learn more about the BN308, and keep your eyes peeled for a full test and evaluation in an upcoming issue of SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE. To subscribe, visit

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