Ruger has long had a strong reputation for building powerful and dependable compact defensive firearms. From the .357 Magnum SP101 to the newest LCR series and the ever-popular LCP .380, Ruger has earned a loyal following in concealed-carry circles.

One of the newer additions to Ruger’s stable of carry guns was the LC9, a single-stack 9mm with a lightweight polymer frame and an exposed-hammer, double-action-only (DAO) trigger system. The pistol proved to be a quick hit, with a strong consumer response to its release.

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Today, Ruger is taking the pistol to the next level with the release of the LC9s. Sporting the same overall dimensions and handling characteristics, the LC9s adds a striker-fired system of operation. The result is a trigger pull that is light, crisp and consistent. In addition to the standard single-side manual safety mounted on the frame, the new LC9s features a paddle-style safety located in the center face of the trigger that must be depressed for the pistol to fire. Additional safety features include a visual loaded-chamber viewport, an internal striker blocker and a magazine disconnect.

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Those familiar with the LC9 will be right at home with the LC9s. It features a 7+1 capacity, weighs in at 17.2 ounces unloaded, has a 3.12-inch barrel and is only 0.9 inches wide. The LC9s will fit all standard LC9 holsters and accept all LC9-ready accessories. I have a test sample in hand right now, and my first impressions of it are good. The trigger breaks consistently at 5.75 pounds, according to my trigger pull gauge, and has a about 0.25 inches of take-up and a total of 0.5 inches of travel.

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