TAJI, Iraq, March 11, 2009 – The first M1114 Humvee to be completely rebuilt at the Taji National Maintenance Depot here rolled out of the Main Wheel Assembly and Disassembly facility last week, marking a significant milestone for the facility dubbed the “Wheel Depot.” The vehicle, nicknamed “Project One,” was rebuilt by Iraqi army mechanics in their third month of a six-month, supervised, on-the-job-training program at the maintenance depot, said Air Force Lt. Col. William Donovan, Multinational Security Transition Command Iraq’s depot program manager.

“Today, the Wheel Depot displayed its capability to rebuild, to depot-level standards, an M1114 Humvee that will eventually patrol the highways of Iraq, thus placing the country under a blanket of security,” he said. “The M1114 rebuild capability has finally reached fruition.”

Project One is the first vehicle to run through the Wheel Depot from the staging yard through disassembly, reassembly, inspection, test drive, and return to the staging yard, ready for reissue back to the Iraqi army, Vince Sabatino, a program manager, said.

Project One began its journey through the rebuilding process Dec. 13 and was completed, except for inspection, Feb. 27, he said.

“Today we have proven that the Iraqi army will be able to sustain its growing fleet of Humvees once the depot is completed and coalition forces depart,” Iraqi army Brig. Gen. Shalal, depot commander, said at the ceremony commemorating the rollout of Project One. “I am very proud of all the work that went into making Project One successful.”

The depot is scheduled to be completed and transitioned to full Iraqi control Jan. 1.

The depot development process began in June 2006 with personnel from Red River and Anniston Army depots collaborating at the request of MNSTC-I leadership. Army Materiel Command personnel began the process of developing an Iraqi National Maintenance Depot capability by providing survey and planning teams. The AMC-led teams surveyed the depot site and prepared plans for developing the depot facility building-by-building.

AMC technicians have been working with Multinational Security Transition Command Iraq personnel and multiple contractors throughout the development process.

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TAJI, Iraq, March 11, 2009 – The first M1114 Humvee to be completely rebuilt…