FMK has upgraded the 9C1 Generation 2 Pistol — In summer 2012, FMK began including a Fast Action Trigger system standard on all 9C1 Gen 2 models except those sold in California and Massachusetts, which will keep the original DAO trigger.

The original and new Fast Action triggers are interchangeable, so current FMK 9C1 Gen 2 pistol owners who want to upgrade can purchase a new trigger system conversion kit.

Key features of the new trigger include: a shorter, lighter trigger pull; drop free mag release; and no mag out safety. The FMK 9C1 Gen 2 pistol is chambered in 9mm and features a corrosion resistant polymer frame and a high carbon steel slide with or without the Bill of Rights engraved on the exterior surface.

The FMK 9C1 pistol openly showcases the patriotism of the FMK founders. In addition to the optional engraving of the Bill of Rights on the gun, the ejector contains the words “Proudly American” to show that the gun is made in America. The words, “Thank You U.S. Soldiers” are inscribed on the frame, and “Freedom” and “Liberty” are found on the slide plate. Finally, “E Pluribus Unum” graces the base plate of the magazine.


The Gen 2 is 6.85” long, 1.14” wide and weighs 23.45 oz. unloaded. It has a 4” barrel with 6 grooves, left hand twist, and a loaded chamber indicator. The ergonomic design makes the Gen 2 a perfect concealed carry choice, and the shock absorbing backstrap makes it comfortable to shoot. This gun is also equipped with trigger guard and trigger safety and a 3-dot low profile sight system.

The Gen 2 is available in Black, Dark Earth and Pink with a 10- or 14-round magazine. MSRP is $399.95. Learn more at


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FMK has upgraded the 9C1 Generation 2 Pistol — In summer 2012, FMK began…