Number Of Students: 20

Cost: Free

Eligibility: Registrant must be (one of the following): A sworn law enforcement officer, or A civilian employed by a bonifide law enforcement agency, or An active duty or active duty reservist member of the United States armed forces. Additionally, he/she must have successfully passed a recognized law enforcement firearm instructor course, is currently certified to teach law enforcement firearm training, and whose position requires them to perform armorer related work within their organization.

Entry Deadline: September 30, 2011

Prerequisites: None.
Instructors: FNH Training Staff.

Curriculum: In order for the law enforcement armorer to maintain the NEW FNS Striker Fired pistols in excellent serviceable condition, ready for trouble free field performance, and extend it’s service life at a minimum cost without the need to exchange servicable parts, he/she must have an in-depth knowledge on the subject of appropriate maintenance.

This FNH Manufacturers training course is designed for the professional armorer, firearm instructor and techincal service personnel. This course provides complete and detailed answers to specific questions concerning the firearms mechanical functioning, operational procedure, field stripping, inspection, trouble shooting and maintenance.

Students successfully completing this class will be provided with a course completion certificate and a FNS Pistol Armorer certification good for two (2) years.

Equipment Needed: Eye protection and note taking materials.

Armorer tools will be provided by FN. Instructional course work and reference materials may be kept by the students at the end of class.

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Number Of Students: 20 Cost: Free Eligibility: Registrant must be (one of the following):…