FN Herstal has announced a brand new addition to its FN SCAR lineup: the FN SCAR-SC subcompact carbine.

Chambered in 5.56x45mm (.223), the FN SCAR-SC is purpose-built for “mobility and flexibility,” according to the presser. It boasts semi-auto only and select-fire capabilities; non-reciprocating charging handle; and a whole bunch of add-ons, including a red dot sight; tactical light; variety of foregrips; and a suppressor. 

The FN SCAR-SC also comes standard with a telescopic buttstock. A number of optional buttstocks are available, including fixed, foldable, adjustable (in both length and height) with either concave or convex buttplate, and a foldable offset buttstock for aiming and shooting while wearing anti-riot or a bulletproof helmet visor.

Rounding out the standard features on the FN SCAR-SC are a 7.5-inch barrel; overall length of 21.10 inches when fully retracted and 25.71 inches when fully extended; 6.94 pounds in overall weight; 30-round magazine capacity; and a cyclic rate of fire of 550-650 rounds per minute.

Touted as being ideal for homeland security operations, FN Herstal is debuting the SCAR-SC Subcompact Carbine—which won’t be available to U.S. customers—at Milipol Paris 2017, which is set for Nov. 21-24.

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