When lives depend on making that one perfect shot, you can depend on the FN USA SPR A5 M. Shown with U.S. Optics SN3 Scope mounted.

The FNH USA Special Police Rifle (SPR) series of precision rifles has been around for quite awhile now. Over the years, the SPR has built quite the reputation as a police or military sniper rifle. Early on, they were the only reasonably priced purpose-built sniper rifles available direct from a manufacturer. Many of the others were nothing more than glorified hunting rifles with black stocks and cosmetic fluting. The SPR series truly brought a whole new system to the equation and upset a long-standing apple cart.

Having started as a police marksman about this time, it was quite frustrating. You were forced to use weapon systems built for target shooters, or substandard hunting rifles that would not hold up. Although some could be sent to a gunsmith and built, it meant another couple grand. Given that the builds were no longer “factory,” many agencies simply would not do it. Factory rifles of this quality could be acquired from foreign manufacturers, and even those our troops deployed with, but at very high prices, especially for the time.

The SPR’s tactical bolt knob made cycling easy, and the three-position safety allows users to operate the action with the rifle on “safe.”

As we struggled to professionalize the position of police marksman, the proper equipment was critical and FNH really filled a void. The SPR was equipped with the best accessories and an action that is perfectly suited to rugged professional use.

To help keep weight down to a minimum while still offering rigidity, the rifle’s chrome-lined barrel features longitudinal flutes.

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