FN had a new FNP-45 pistol on display at AUSA. This one is totally loaded. It has an extended barrel that will accept a thread-on suppressor, tall sights that will allow for use while a suppressor is attached, a Picatinny rail, combat hammer with an integral red dot from “Doctor Optic” cut into the slide. Great idea on FN’s part.

It is single action and double action with an overtravel stop on the bottom of the trigger. The manual safety should be a natural for lovers of the M1911. The backstrap is interchangeable for each user’s unique grip and a bumper on the magazine ensures that empties dropped to the ground won’t hurt the function of the magazine.

Chambered in .45 ACP and manufactured in a dark earth color, this pistol will be welcomed by many .45 fans and military minds alike. For more information on this and other FNH products, visit


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