foxfury2.jpgFoxFury‘s Amphibious Weapon Light for Pistols (AWL-P) offers a waterproof, mud resistant, and truly ambidextrous and durable design.

The AWL-P  is waterproof to 60 ft / 18 m, for any length of time, and will function even if full of mud.

At 125 Lumen, and with a fixed 8 degree optics delivery,  it is designed to disturb the target and provide the necessary illumination for pistol-required distances.

A “low touch force” allows the user to easily change between three (3) Operational Modes including:

1.       Momentary
2.       FoxFury’s own TurboStrobe™
3.       Continuous On

The AWL-P includes a truly ambidextrous design, which permits the exact same action from either right or left-handed operation.

The AWL-P has no moving parts. Its lightweight and mono-structure polycarbonate makes it tough enough to survive a two storey fall.
FoxFury’s intended minimalist design profile and cross section fits most holsters that accept -centered under barrel- lights.

Powered by a single CR123 battery, it provides an excess of four (4) hours of continuous use.

The AWL-P  is designed for all aspects of Special Operations, providing Officers with ample light for surroundings and accuracy.

It fits most Beretta, Glock, H&K, Ruger, SIG, Smith & Wesson and Picatinny Rail.

MSRP $169.99

Optional accessories include:
-Tail cap with Pressure Switch on a  3” wire for pistol grip mount
-Future mount for ¾”-1” thick entry shield

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