For those given the duty of keeping America safe and for those who simply travel frequently,Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC has churned out a new solution which makes passage through airport security a little easier. Their acclaimed Frequent Flyer tactical belt does not incorporate any metal in its construction which allows its wearer to pass freely through airport security without the arduous task of removal.

Manufactured to meet the same time tested standards as their “Original Instructor Belt,” (except for life support) the Frequent Flyer features dual layer webbing and either 3 stitch standard or the even stiffer 5 stitch option and is available in four colors: black, Wilderness Coyote and Wilderness O.D. The Frequent Flyer belt can be also be purchased in select widths of 1 ¼” 1 ½”or the wider 1 ¾” which features a slightly larger buckle.

The Frequent Flyer belt’s unique ability to pass through security systems without removal lies within its tough, Delrin molded ring fastening system. Designed after its predecessor, the Wilderness Ring Belt, which features dual aluminum rings as the fastener, the Frequent Flyer provides a similar function while not designed for emergency service. The Frequent Flyer tactical belt does do a great job of securing concealed weapon holsters, flashlights, pouches or any other tactical gear that requires arms length access.

“Since its recent inception, our Frequent Flyer belt has become extremely popular with law enforcement officials who want to experience one less burden while traveling,” explains Ralph Holzhaus, President of Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC. “And we’ve also had a fantastic response from the frequent traveler who simply enjoys the look and feel of our quality tactical belts which are also great for everyday and sportswear use.”

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