The word “multi-tasking” is very “in” and thrown around a lot these days. But when you wear a uniform—law enforcement or warfighter—the word “multi-tasking” may never have crossed your mind because you’ve been too busy doing it, instead of talking about it. Hip jargon like “multi-tasking” has no place in our military or law enforcement, where multi-tasking is a given, just like breathing: If you’re not doing it, you go down.

A glance at the contents page of this issue of TW will point you toward a lot of prime multi-taskers whose hours include training at the highest levels, while performing varied everyday duties with skill and precision—many of them with missions possible 24/7. As you will see, these frontline Americans are supported by a continuing flow of decisive, new weapons anyone who wears a uniform appreciates having in a fight.

The new weapons and gear presented in this issue are awesome to contemplate, but in spotlighting tools we have not forgotten that in past battles, courage was as important as the weapons carried. Army Colonel (Ret.) Lewis L. Millett, who passed away recently, was the man who led our nation’s last bayonet charge, against the Chinese in Korea in 1951. Bayonets, grenades, M1 Garand rifles—and pure guts!—got the job done. You’ll read about it inside.

Straight from today’s headlines of deploying more troops to Afghanistan, we have an inside look at new gear and training of elite Leathernecks in the Marine Special Ops Command, who will probably be “boots in country” by the time you read this.

CQB firepower gets special emphasis in this issue with a detailed report on handguns of the Navy SEALS, a feature on the awesome Atchisson Assault-12 full-auto shotgun, spewing lethal firepower from CQB out to 200M; another feature on the full-auto firepower of the KRISS Super V SMG, lightweight, more rounds, less recoil; and an on-site report on the CQB Warrior Training at TigerSwan.

For lessons learned back in the Mogadishu mess (Black Hawk Down!), and a rifle and training system to make sure it never happens again, you’ll find TW on assignment with Paul Howe’s CSAT 5.56mm Carbine and Ultimate Combat Shooting School. You’ll get a close-up look at the DPMS/Panther Arms rifle and a program which stresses, “Train as if your life depends on it!”

Sniper and conventional combat rifles are the focus of “Best of the Bolts,” a roundup of the top precision sniper rifles, and we have a report on the PTR 91F civilian variant of the Heckler & Koch combat classic G3 7.62x51mm that is deployed with militaries worldwide.

The U.S. Air “Miracle on the Hudson” plane ditching spurs us to take a close look at what the USAF is doing to avoid bird strikes at our bases and airports. In another military unit feature we look at the weapons and tactics of the U.S. Coast Guard in keeping our coasts clear. In addition to those unit features, we take a close-up of Texas S.W.A.T. high-risk operations.

There’s a new Taser just out, helping police officers take on multiple suspects, this one capable of taking down three—bam, bam, bam—just like that. It’s the triple-threat Taser X3.

Contemplating our weapons and training, as we remember our heroes like Colonel Lewis Millett, we think you’ll find this issue of TW worth your full attention.

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The word “multi-tasking” is very “in” and thrown around a lot these days. But…