Kelly Mezick’s mother called her last week and told her to turn on the television because her brother was making national news. So that’s exactly what Kelly did, she turned on the television to witness her brother making history nearly half a world away in Iraq.

“He was driving the last Stryker that rolled across the gate, the gates literally closed behind my brothers unit,” Mezick said.

Kelly’s Brother Private First Class Kyle Mezick is part of the 4th Stryker brigade, 2nd Infantry Division in Iraq.

With orders sent down from President Obama to withdraw troops from Iraq, the troops are falling back and are crossing the border into Kuwait. “They were the first Stryker unit in and they rolled in through the gates of Baghdad and they wanted to be the last ones to roll out,” Mezick explained.

Her brother’s unit rolled out of Iraq closing the chapter on another American war. Kyle Mezick, 21, started his military career on Christmas Eve in 2008. He was trained at Fort Benning and joined the 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division in May of 2009. That division deployed to Iraq in September of 2009.

Almost a year later, his sister Kelly Mezick is awaiting his arrival back home. Since her brother has been away, Kelly has been communicating with him via social networking sites like Facebook and Skype. “I could literally see him every since day if I wanted to it’s not the same as him being here but its amazing to talk to him.”

Source: Curtis McCloud for WTVM.

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