Not much is written about the 25-meter Center-Fire competition. Perhaps it is because this type of precision-shooting match seems to be popularized by high-tech “race guns” with all the proverbial bells and whistles.

The 25-meter Center-Fire discipline originated in the 19th century, when military-type service handguns were used, but evolved to cater to specially designed firearms of calibers between .30 and .38 (7.62mm and 9.65mm).

The competition consists of a precision stage and a rapid-fire stage for a total of 60 shots over 25 meters, all single-handed. And, although customized race guns dominate in this discipline, an outstanding potential contender is GLOCK’s durable and reliable workhorse: the GLOCK 34 pistol.

Elite LEOs

The 2014 European Police & Fire Games opened on July 12 at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, Belgium. The Center-Fire match was held at the La Défense shooting range.

Competing in this event was Chief Inspector Matthew El Mouhaddab. Mouhaddab is also the chief firearms instructor for the local police of Belgium’s hip economic capital and historical jewel, Antwerp. The local police of Antwerp is Belgium’s largest, with 2,600 armed officers.

“… an outstanding potential contender is GLOCK’s durable and reliable workhorse: the GLOCK 34 pistol.”

Though austere-looking with a certain no-nonsense aura, Mouhaddab made his G34 put all but one of the fancy competition guns right where they belong: behind him!

Second place for a standard GLOCK pistol in an unlikely competitive setting (think racing a 4×4 against a shining hot rod!) proves once again that GLOCK pistols are safe, simple to operate, fast on target and accurate!

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