Cases and created the more robust Double Discreet Case. Overbuilt and over-designed to hold two weapons, the Double Discreet Case provides a safe and secure means to transfer and store valuable weapons and accessories.

Each weapon is protected by 1” padding on each side. An internal 1/2” heavily padded removable divider helps absorb any additional shock and keeps weapons separated. A padded 3” zipper protector runs the entire perimeter of the case to prevent contact with the zipper run and moisture accumulation. Each case is constructed from Cordura Nylon and uses top quality YKK zippers and MOLLE Webbing. Includes carry handle and adjustable padded carry strap.

Weapons are secured in the case with the use of adjustable removable straps and reinforced MOLLE web- bing. These security straps are positioned on the unique loop hook system to maneuver the weapon into a variety of positions and locations. One side of the case features 5 rows of webbing. The opposite side fea- tures 3 rows of webbing with velcro backing. Each case includes four security straps. Additional security straps are available for purchase.


A velcro-lined outside Modular Accessory Pocket stretches across the front of the case. Attached to the inside of the velcro-lined wall is a removable mag pouch with three pockets, measuring 12” wide by 8.5” high. Additional modular gear (MOLLE Plus Gear) is available to attach inside the accessory compartment to meet each users specific needs.

Additional Premium Features:
• Case folds flat to use a shooting mat if needed

• Backpack carry with use of backpack rings on backside of case. Attach two carry straps and carry hands
free. (Additional Carry Strap must be purchased to use.)

• Additional padding or bullet proof armor can be added to the case by using the quick access strips located
inside the case.

The Galati Gear Double Discreet Case is currently available in lengths of: 22”, 32”, 38” and 42”. Additional lengths will be available at a later date. Black Color. Each case comes with a Two Year Manufacturer Warranty and can be purchased directly from Galati Gear or from numerous authorized dealers. For more information, please contact Galati Gear at 1-877-425-2847.

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Cases and created the more robust Double Discreet Case. Overbuilt and over-designed to hold…