The Springfield Armory Garrison 9mm 1911 is now available, adding 9mm to the lineup

D​o you love meat and potatoes? A simple gun with all the features you want and none of the extraneous nonsense that you don’t need? Then you’re going to absolutely love the new Springfield Armory Garrison 9mm 1911.

Garrison 9mm Features

Springfield Armory’s Garrison 1911 series offers upgraded features over mil-spec 1911s. However, they’re still simple, and straightforward. The new 9mm is the same as the existing .45 ACP 1911 Garrison except for the caliber, obviously. Key features include low profile 3-dot sights, an extended single side thumb safety, and also a skeletonized hammer. Additionally, the Springfield Garrison 9mm offers an extended beavertail grip safety, protecting you from hammer bite.

Like the 45 ACP models, the Garrison 9mm has a reasonable MSRP. $849 will get you the blued version, and $899 for the stainless steel model. 

W​hat to Use the Springfield Garrison 9mm 1911 For

The Garrison 9mm 1911 is ready to go

Because its feature set is pretty uncomplicated, the Garrison 9mm makes a great starting platform for a 1911 build. It doesn’t need much, either. A different set of grips to add some traction, perhaps the Techwell system magwell for speedier reloads. Or, leave the gun as is, because it’s perfectly fine in its factory configuration. While building it into an IDPA ESP/USPSA Single Stack gun would be fun, there’s nothing wrong with just leaving it stock and blasting away at the range.

I​t would also make a perfectly good concealed carry gun. 9mm 1911s actually make a lot of sense to carry if you get one that’s reliable. Luckily, if there’s one manufacturer that people trust to make a reliable 1911, it’s Springfield Armory. Sothe Garrison 9mm 1911 should be good to go on that front.

Springfield Armory Garrison 9mm 1911 Competitors

Interestingly, the 9mm Garrison’s biggest competitor is from Springfield as well. The Springfield Ronin 1911 in 9mm runs about $900 on Grabagun right now. The Ronin has slightly better features than the Garrison, thus the slightly higher price. A closer competitor to the SA Garrison would be the Fusion Firearms Reaction 9mm, which is right around the same price and has a largely similar feature set. 

T​here are two significantly more affordable options to the Springfield Garrison. Both Taurus and Armscor offer 9mm 1911s with a lot of features that are around $600. However, as attractive as that price is, neither of those guns have the reputation for quality as Springfield Armory

Final Thoughts

The Springfield Armory Garrison 9mm 1911 is available now in dealers. From our perspective this would be an excellentchoice if you’re looking to dip your toes in the world of 9mm 1911s without breaking the bank but also want to ensureyou’re getting a quality product.

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