The Gunny Glock Theresa Vail
The Gunny talks with U.S. Army Sergeant Theresa Vail, a former Miss Kansas.

The Gunny has been making waves recently with his riveting and humorous Glock commercials currently found on YouTube, with two receiving more than 5 million views each in one year, showing the effectiveness of Glock pistols for protection and crime prevention. “Wrong Diner,” for example, is both classic Gunny and perfect timing as with only eight words of dialogue, a whole story is told about how effective Glocks are in law enforcement.

The Gunny & the Glock

Lately, The Gunny has also been starring in the Outdoor Channel’s GunnyTime. Sponsored by Glock, the fast-paced show has highly experienced guests. They discuss different weapons and then get behind the sights to really show what the weapons can do.

GunnyTime has elements familiar to his fans, who are used to The Gunny telling it like it is. One episode had him and another shooter hose down a field of watermelons with a pair of belt-fed machine guns. On that same episode, he also shot sniper rifles alongside Miss Kansas 2013, U.S. Army Sergeant Theresa Vail. The result? Pure entertainment and informative shooting tips.

In addition, the “Glock Minute” airs during each episode of Gunny-Time, with professional shooters like Team Glock’s Tori Nonaka using their incredible experience and ability to give viewers 60 seconds of great advice. Tori recently gave a valuable lesson on how best to stand, present, hold and aim a Glock.

A Recent Shoot

Together, GunnyTime and the Glock Minute have seen huge success as more and more people tune in to enjoy The Gunny, even when things don’t work as planned.

A recent episode had The Gunny make an honest mistake. He got too close to an optic on a powerful long-range rifle and got a “scope bite.”

Where some TV personalities would have freaked out or deleted the scene, The Gunny stayed behind the rifle and finished shooting the course of fire! He knew that airing the incident would probably prevent countless others from crowding their optics and sustaining injury. So, as always with The Gunny, his thoughts and focus are not on himself but with the troops—even if it is embarrassingly painful and reveals that The Gunny is not indestructible.

The Gunny always stays busy by helping veterans, organizations like the Young Marines, and being an official spokesman for Glock. The one constant with any of The Gunny’s efforts, however, whether it is a commercial, movie role, television show or YouTube clip: What you see is what you get, the same with Glock’s ultra-reliable pistols. For even more info, please visit

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