As I peruse the Rock River Arms (RRA) 2014 catalog, I find that the company definitely has your rifle and carbine needs covered. From the stalwart 5.56mm LAR-15 to the 7.62x39mm LAR-47, RRA has got you covered.

The question is not whether RRA has a rifle for you. The question is, with all the options available, what accessory (or accessories) do you want on your black rifle. Take the new LAR-15 X-1 rifle for example. With an extended free-floated handguard, which is popular with the modern extended support arm/thumb-over-forearm grip, the LAR-15 X-1 rifle is available with fixed RRA Operator stock or adjustable CAR stock. The LAR-15 X-1 features an 18-inch stainless steel fluted barrel with 1-in-8-inch twist. Weighing in at 7.7 pounds, the X-1 options available from RRA include fixed or flip-up backup iron sights, or mounts for scopes as well as rail covers, slings and sling hardware, SureFire white lights and EOTech holographic sights.

Want a rifle with more punch? Try a LAR-6.8 or the .458 SOCOM chambered LAR-458. Both are available in the X-Series of rifles in CAR and A2 stock versions. Heck, you can even up your rifle package to the LAR-8 in 7.62mm. In versions such as the Varmint A-4, the X-Series, Mid-Length, Standard, Elite Operator, Standard Operator, Predator HP, it’s not whether RRA has a rifle for you, it’s making up your mind which one.

With quality carbines and AR pistols in calibers from 9mm, such as the LAR-9 which replicates the controls of the larger calibers at a cheaper shooting cost, up to super accurate semi-auto rifles such as the Predator HP in .308, Rock River Arms will not leave your carbine or rifle needs unfulfilled.

The media and gun-control groups may cast aspersions on black rifles, but savvy gun owners and shooters have long understood how much fun these carbines are to shoot as well as how they can save lives—whether in a shopping mall parking lot in Arkansas or the hallway of a home in North Carolina. Law enforcement personnel have made the move to carbines such as the Rock River Arms LAR-15 to save their lives when things get bad. They can certainly save your life as well. When things get real bad don’t throw stones, grab a Rock—a Rock River Arms carbine that is.

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