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Sig Sauer is an industry leader in the firearms market. For many of our most highly trained professionals it is the only choice for duty or operational firearms.

Sig Sauer remains one of the most sought after and popular brands amongst enthusiasts, target shooters and those needing a rifle for home defense. Always listening to its customers, Sig Sauer’s designs provide features users request based upon actual field use, features typically seen on custom-built rifles. This attention to detail and willingness to listen makes Sig Sauer one of the most well respected companies in the industry. Taking a look at its line of tactical rifles provides a good indication why.


New for Sig Sauer this year is a completely redesigned SIG556xi rifle. Looking to meet the needs of a wide variety of users, it is incredibly adaptable. Stocks, forends and even trigger mechanisms are completely interchangeable. Barrels can be changed easily to accommodate different lengths. Calibers can be changed just as simply with 300 Blackout, 5.56mm NATO and 7.62x39mm available initially. A polymer handguard that accepts Magpul MOE accessories sits on the standard model, and the Carbon model uses a carbon-fiber railed version. An aluminum handguard is also available, and all are interchangeable. A folding stock comes on the Standard and Russian models, and a fixed lightweight stock appears on the Carbon. These are also interchangeable.

With ambidextrous controls and the ability to move the charging handle to either side, the 556xi is truly versatile. The short gas system is reliable and runs cool and clean. Flip-up front and rear sights accommodate red-dot sights or combat optics. The two-stage trigger provides for the best possible accuracy. Sig Sauer’s SIG556xi brings true modularity to the carbine market in a proven system.



SIG556 lead Sig Sauer Superiority BG

The SIG556 continues the Sig Sauer tradition with a proven rifle design that’s built in the U.S. Retaining its legendary reliability and user-friendly attributes, the SIG556 uses standard AR magazines. SIG556 Classic uses a full-length gas system and a two-position gas valve. Moving to the Classic SWAT, which is about a pound lighter than that Classic, a railed forend is added.

Looking for something a bit more compact? The SIG556 Patrol Rifle shortens the gas system and forend. The compact action lowers the weight and is available with either a polymer or railed forend. The SWAT model comes standard with the quad rail.

If you are looking for a short .30 caliber there is the SIG556R. Chambered in 7.62x39mm, this rifle provides proven firepower in a reliable platform. Utilizing AK-47 magazines, the SIG556R stays reliable with ease of operation. Adding a red dot to this rifle makes for fast target acquisition, and the folding stock keeps things compact.

Where precision is required, the SIG556 DMR provides reliability with precision accuracy. With its 18-inch, match-grade barrel and enhanced single-stage trigger, it is perfectly suited for the designated marksman role. A steel receiver and top rail provide for a solid optics platform as well.


Sig Sauer’s SIG522 rifles offer the look and feel of the SIG556 but are chambered in 22 Long Rifle. The Classic and SWAT models mimic their namesakes. The Commando offers an inert training suppressor and shorter forend. Threading to accept real suppressors or other muzzle devices provides for seriously quiet fun. Add a railed forend and you have the Commando SWAT. Finally, the SIG522 Target model offers a free-floated hand-guard, a 20-inch barrel and a variable-power scope. The Target is perfect for range time, or accurate practice at closer ranges. The SIG522 variants all provide great training platforms and offer the potential for quality time with the family on the range.


M400 Rifles

Sig Sauer’s SIGM400 is a direct-impingement rifle utilizing the AR platform and is offered in several configurations. The SIGM400 Classic model is a no-nonsense entry-level carbine offering the best of Sig’s AR line. With its flattop and flip-up rear sight, you have room to mount red-dot sights or optics. The A2 front sight and M4 handguard keep things simple. Sig Sauer adds a quad rail to the SIGM400 SWAT. The SIGM400 SRP removes the front sight and replaces it with a railed gas block

Enhanced versions of the SIGM400 line feature a Magpul MOE forend, grip and stock as well as a flip-up rear sight.You can also get a Patrol models that offer a railed, low-profile gas block with a flip-up front sight.

For the sportsman there are several models to choose from in the SIGM400 line. The Hunter provides a 20-inch barrel and a Magpul MOE forend and grip. The Predator model uses an 18-inch barrel that is threaded and capped. A Hogue free-floated aluminum handguard makes for excellent accuracy. Adding a 22-inch barrel ups the Predator as a hunting AR, utilizing a full-length gas system and fixed stock. SIGM400 Carbon models use a rail-adaptable carbon fiber forend, along with 30-round Lancer L5 magazines and two-stage match triggers. Fixed stock (FS) or collapsible (TS) models of the Carbon are also available.

For those looking for a bit bigger bullet, the SIGM400 300 Blackout Enhanced Patrol ODS model is chambered in the increasingly popular 300 Blackout caliber. Moving to the M400 B5 series, these rifles use B5 Systems’ SOPMOD six-position stocks and buffer tubes, along with a B5 pistol grip and a KeyMod-equipped forend. The B5 series is also available in gray and foliage finishes to blend into urban and wooded environments.


Utilizing the AR platform with a proven four-position, adjustable gas-piston design, the SIG516 is amongst the most reliable AR rifles on the market. This system accommodates variances in ammunition and the use of suppressors. Sig Sauer’s fully supported extractor is provided in each variant. Each SIG516 rifle has a free-floated, Nitride-treated barrel built to military standards.

The Patrol version utilizes a mil-spec trigger and flip-up iron sights. It is also available in Flat Dark Earth and OD green. Carbon models are available with an extended carbon-fiber forend. Available with fixed and telescoping stocks, the SIG516 Carbon models use Lancer L5 magazines and feature a two-stage match trigger.


SIG 716

Sig Sauer’s SIG716 takes the .308 AR rifle to the next level. The four-position, adjustable gas system allows this rifle to be used with various ammunition, as well as many suppressors. The SIG716 Patrol uses a 16-inch, free-floated barrel mounted into a solid quad-rail system that’s equipped with flip-up sights. Completely coated in the proven Cerakote, the Patrol is available in both Flat Dark Earth and OD green. For those looking for some time on the field of competition there is the SIG716 3-Gun Heavy. Utilizing an extended forend and threaded muzzle allows for competition muzzle brakes and other accessories.

For those in need of true precision there is the SIG716 DMR. Having tested both pre-production and production models of this design, I can say that this rifle is incredibly accurate. The free-floated, 18-inch barrel is threaded. Magpul’s UBR stock is perfect for precision marksmen, and the included Harris bi-pod makes this rifle ready to go to work immediately. Flip-up sights are supplied along with a crisp two-stage match trigger.


SIG551-A1 Sig Sauer Superiority BG

The Sig Sauer 551-A1 is a tried and trusted tactical rifle. The original Swiss-built design has proven to be accurate, reliable and remains the choice of many professionals. Utilizing a proven gas piston design, it maintains the 550 series’ legacy. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the SIG551-A1 features Swiss polymer magazines and a unique folding stock. For the true Sig Sauer purist, this remains the first choice in combat rifles.


Tactical Heritage

Sig Sauer remains one of the most trusted weapons manufacturers in the world. Many of its weapons are used by some of the most elite warriors and officers. Every year, Sig Sauer continues to build on its legacy of reliability. Constantly innovating while maintaining close contact with real-world operations personnel keeps Sig Sauer on the cutting edge of rifle development. We can only look forward to what the future holds as Sig Sauer maintains its reputation as one of the best.

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