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Gun Review: Smith & Wesson's M&P15 Series For Military, Police

Smith & Wesson’s Military & Police (M&P) line of firearms is almost synonymous with proven reliability.

These weapons are designed with the working professional in mind and perfect for anyone in need of a proven weapon. The M&P name brings with it a great reputation and the best warranty in the business. These rifles remain favorites for officers, agencies and enthusiasts alike. Reasonably priced, made in the USA and built to last, they offer one of the broadest lines of AR-style rifles in the industry today.


AR rifles chambered in .308/7.62x 51mm are amongst the most popular this year. S&W offers one of the best this year in the M&P10. There is no compromise here; it is an excellent rifle built to the highest standards. Completely ambidextrous controls allow for operation in any condition from either side. Weighing in at just under 8 pounds, it remains light and maneuverable, and it is perfect for tactical operations. Accuracy is enhanced with an 18-inch, 1-in-10-inch twist, 4140 steel barrel. Chrome lining the gas key and bolt carrier ensures reliable operation in the harshest conditions. With a retail price of $1,619, it fits into just about any budget, bringing the firepower of the .308 cartridge to the hunter, officer or enthusiast.


M&P15–300 Whisper

The 300 Whisper/300 Blackout caliber has taken front stage for the last couple years as the new carbine cartridge. S&W’s new offering this year provides simplicity in design with all the features you need to take advantage of this potent cartridge. Built on the proven M&P15 platform, it uses a 16-inch, 1-in-7.5-inch twist barrel with 5R rifling, ensuring clean operation and accuracy. The 4140 steel barrel is coated to resist corrosion, and the gas key and bolt carrier are chromed to ensure easy cleaning and operation in harsh conditions. Keeping it simple allows this rifle to stay in reach for just about any operator or shooting enthusiast.

M&P Versatility

S&W anchors its M&P line with its base model, the M&P15 Sport. Priced at a mere $839, it brings the reliability and functionality of the M&P15 to the masses. Fully equipped with a flattop rail, flip-up rear sight and M4 handguards, it is an excellent base rifle. Available in configurations that meet most state requirements, the M&P15 Sport is a fantastic entry-level rifle.

The M&P15T offers the same solid features of the Sport with a railed forend that mates to the top rail. This 10-inch free floating rail houses a Melonite-coated barrel. Magpul’s MBUS are mounted to both the front and rear. This series is also available in a fixed stock and ten-round magazine model. M&P15OR offer simple features and are “Optics Ready,” allowing you to fit your red-dot or optic. There is also a M&P15 TS that adds the 13-inch Troy Enterprises TRX handguard. It covers a 14.5-inch barrel with a fixed Vortex flash suppressor. An MOE rear stock is added as well. This configuration provides lots of rail space and is well suited for competitions.

The M&P15 provides a barrel with the M4 cut. An M4 thermo-cut forend is used for those spending lots of time on the range. The M&P15 model also uses the standard A3 removable handguard, placing it in the traditional M4 rifle configuration. It also adds a chrome-lined bore for long-term reliability under the harshest conditions. The M&P15X model adds a quad-rail forend and chrome lining to the chamber. The proven Troy Folding Battle Sight is also used, making this one of the most versatile of the M&P tactical rifles. With chrome lining in the bore, chamber, bolt carrier and gas key, it is as close to mil-spec as you get in an AR rifle.


Specialty Rifles

MP15 BG 2015 M&P VTAC II

The M&P VTAC II Viking Tactics meets the needs of those requiring specific aftermarket features. A mid-length gas system is covered by a VTAC forend. The barrel is 16 inches with a 1-in-8-inch twist configuration. Made with 4150 CMV steel and coated with Melonite, it is built to last. S&W’s enhanced flash suppressor is also attached to reduce recoil. Geissele Automatics Super V trigger provides a quick reset, light trigger and increased precision. A VTAC sling, Vltor IMod stock, light mount and low profile sling mount are also featured on the rifle.

Magpul makes some of the most popular AR accessories on the market, and S&W’s MOE Mid Magpul series takes advantage of these reasonably priced and rugged additions. Utilizing a 16-inch 4150 CMV barrel topped off with the S&W enhanced flash suppressor, an MOE stock, forend, pistol grip, MVG vertical grip and backup sights are included. This series uses a fixed front sight as well as a chrome-lined gas key and bolt carrier. The lower is a forged design co-branded with S&W and Magpul. It provides a flared magazine well with forward serrations. There is also a finger shelf for indexing your trigger finger. The lower design mimics many of the features of the billet design without the higher cost. It is available in black or Flat Dark Earth.

For the Hunter

The M&P15PC offers a 20-inch stainless steel barrel with a target crown. The full-length system is covered with a full-floated Yankee Hill handguard. In order to wring out the best possible accuracy, a two-stage match trigger is installed to break at 4.5 pounds. This rifle is available in black or with a camouflage coating. A flattop receiver is used with a railed gas block to accommodate dedicated optics. For simplicity, a standard A2 stock is utilized. For those looking for a bit more bullet there is the M&P15-300 Whisper coated in Realtree APG camouflage.



S&W has set the standard for AR-style rifles chambered in .22LR. Whether used for training, youth events or just plain fun, the company has the perfect rifle for you. The M&P15-22 offers a simple recreation of a tactical rifle. The simple blowback design makes it reliable and a railed forend provides a realistic feel. The 25-round magazine closely mimics the typical AR magazine. A six-position CAR stock rounds out the package.

Smith & Wesson continues to be a leader by offering the best choices for the widest varieties of users. As the AR-style rifle continues to grow in popularity, S&W offers excellent choices in their M&P line. Whether you are an officer, competitor or target shooter, S&W has just the rifle you need.

For more information, visit smith-wesson.com or call 800-331-0852.

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