Today, the position of the patrol rifle is well established in law enforcement circles, and it’s often synonymous with Eugene Stoner’s most famous creation—the AR. The AR’s proponents are legion, with scant few condemning the basic design anymore. In fact, improvements and refinements have brought the AR family to the top of its game.

The characteristics of a desirable patrol rifle—AR or not—include reliability, an adjustable buttstock, an optic (facilitating quick yet precise shots) with backup sights and a light. A number of other things, including a forward grip and a sling, can be added at the operator’s discretion and in accordance with departmental policy. If multiple users share the patrol rifle, an adjustable buttstock will definitely come in handy, as will a handguard useable by hands of various sizes.

One of the gun makers responsible for refining the AR platform and maintaining the rifle’s cachet is Bill Alexander of Alexander Arms. I first came into contact with Bill while working with his ARs

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